Pripyat, Ukraine

The city of Pripyat in Ukraine was a thriving city. The city was established in 1970, and it grew quickly. It was to be one of nine nuclear cities in the Soviet Union.

Pripyat, Ukraine
By April 26, 1986, it had a population of over 49,000 people.

Pripyat, Ferris Wheel
People visited the city to take pictures in front of the famous Ferris wheel there. The city was named for the nearby Pripyat River which fed into the lake frequented by boats and bathers in the summer months.

Pripyat Lake
Summer in Ukraine is beautiful and tourists came to Pripyat every summer. It was so thriving that a new amusement park was built to be ready for May Day in 1986. It had all the things you want from an amusement park including a state-of-the-art bumper car game.

Chernobyl Power Plant, about 2 Miles from Pripyat
On April 26, 1896, those plans were abandoned along with the city of Pripyat. The Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor sustained a catastrophic failure called “a meltdown” and much of it exploded shooting radiation high into the air and over a large portion of the surrounding area. The amusement park with its swing boats and shooting gallery was abandoned and the city was emptied in less than a week.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Today
Today, the Chernobyl disaster is mainly used for political reasons, but places like Pripyat tell a different story. Plants and animals thrive there.

Moose inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
Many animals such as the wolves, catfish, and moose have made homes here in highly radioactive areas. Many biologists believe that the disaster had the benefit of giving sanctuary to animals in an increasingly industrialized world.
That’s it, except to say that coal power plants release more than one hundred times the radiation given off by a similar sized nuclear power plant. So long, until next week.

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